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How to add collection settings to your survey?

To protect the accuracy of research projects and data collection, you need to add collection settings to projects.

  • Every computer can only answer once: with this setting, every respondent with individual computer can answer the survey once.
  • Restrict access by IP: this setting is applied to respondents from different organizations, family and community. If your respondents are from the same organization, for example, you are doing a feedback form targeting at students in the same school, you might not choose this setting.
  • Restrict access by password: if you want to restrict the access to your project by a secret code or password, you may apply this setting to your project. You can share the password with your respondents. People without the password cannot open the research project.
  • Display social share button on end page: with this setting, you will add Facebook and Twitter share button on the end page of projects. This is very useful for fun quizzes. Your respondents can share the survey, quiz or form with others in social media by clicking the share buttons.
  • Allow respondents view results after answering: if you want your respondents to view all the previous collected answer, you can add this setting
  • Only respondents invited by email can answer: if you send the project in our website via emails and you do not want others to answer, you can choose this setting
  • The maximum number of responses: if you have fixed sample size in plan, you can set up the maximum response number.
  • Collect until: if you have a project deadline, you can set up the date here. Also, please check the timezone of deadline.