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How to edit the question settings?

  • How to set the question compulsory or optional to answer?

    In order to ensure your data quality, we set the questions compulsory on default so the respondents cannot skip the questions.

    However, if you do not want the respondents stop taking the questionnaire due to compulsory questions, you can set some or all questions optional. You click on the questions which you want to set as optional, then click “Set as optional question” in the Question Settings on the right side. Also, please do not forget to click SAVE.

  • How to make the choices random?

    Options are random to improve data validity, avoid data bias has a great effect. Edit the page to add the problem. The right side displays Question settings then you can click Randomize Choices to save.

  • How to adjust the order of options?

    Click the Options area, and in the Suspended Options menu, click the Move Up or Move Down button to sort.

  • How to adjust the order of questions?

    To change the position of questions, you may click and drag the question to the position you want or hover over the question and click Move up or Move down icon.

  • How to add blanks after the option?

    When you design a questionnaire, you may worry about your choices not comprehensive enough, and you want to add another option and a text box to ensure that the survey is comprehensive.

    You need to click on the option to add the text box, and select Add write-in field after choice.And the contents of the text box and the number of words can be limited.

  • How to show the results of the polls to the interviewee?

    Click on the question section, in the right side of the Question settings, click Display votes for respondents to save.