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With only 3 Steps, you can create a survey, form or quiz

Click the "New Project" button on dashboard page to create the first questionnaire and start creating your questionnaire. Then, select the project type you want to create – survey, form or quiz, and enter your project name and type. Click “Save” and you can start edit the questionnaire.

In the Edit page, you can add your questions, build logic settings and customize the Look & Feel of your questionnaire. After finish editing the questionnaire, click the "Publish" button to publish the questionnaire.

You can distribute your survey, form or quiz in four ways:

Share the link with your respondents (of course, you may share the link in your Facebook or Twitter page).

QR code: you can download a QR code and add the code on your poster, photo, email, notice, or any offline channel, and someone can scan the QR code to answer the questionnaire.

You can also attach your emails with SMTP settings in SurveyYes and send your emails

If you have a website or blog, you may also embed the questionnaire on your website or blog or create a questionnaire popover, and visitors can fill in the questionnaire directly on your website.

Click “Report” and enter the results page to see the data you receive. You can view all response and data visualization on my website. Or, you can click the “Export” button to download data.